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Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and Surgery

Board Certification in Plastic Surgery is the most important credential to look for in your surgeon. Ask your Plastic Surgeon to see his/her Document of Certification. Click here to see Dr. Gallico's documentation of Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as a Plastic Surgeon.

Board Certification in Plastic Surgery assures you that your surgeon has had the best and most complete training in residency to be able to perform your surgery well. Dr. Gallico spent 8 years in residency training after medical school to become a Plastic Surgeon. Board Certification in Plastic Surgery required 2 more years to prove his competence independently in the operating room and to pass a written exam and a rigorous oral exam.

Ask your plastic surgeon to see the actual certificate indicating Board Certification in Plastic Surgery not some other surgical specialty.

Dr. Gallico is a board certified plastic surgeon by the american board of plastic surgery as a fully trained cosmetic plastic surgeon

Any doctor can call himself a "plastic surgeon" even if they have not been trained in Plastic Surgery and have not passed the Board Certification process. Some doctors claim "board certification", but actually have none or are not certified in Plastic Surgery.. Make sure your doctor's certificate shows certification by the American Board of Surgery as recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties so that your plastic surgeon "is properly qualified to practice the specialty of Plastic Surgery" as is inscribed on Dr. Gallico's board certification document pictured above..


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