Computer Digital Imaging Rhinoplasty Chin Implant Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Computer Digital Imaging For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Computer Graphic Visualization can be used to help plan cosmetic surgery in advance. Breakthroughs in computer graphics enable us to simulate some of the changes, which may happen with surgery. Dr. Gallico has pioneered computer techniques to show the patient possible changes from cosmetic plastic surgery to the nose, chin, and face in advance of the surgery so that the patient can choose the result they desire. Digital photographic images of the patient from the front and side can be changed on the computer screen to give the patient an idea of what various surgical procedures may do. The computer is an excellent tool for helping the surgeon and the patient understand what can and cannot be achieved.

Computer Digital Imaging for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Chin Implant

Computer Digital Imaging to Plan Cosmetic Nose Face and Chin Surgery done several weeks before surgery to plan the result the patient chooses. The original nose is on the left and the possible changes with rhinoplasty are in the two images to the right. The patient chose the far right image, and the patient's choice will make the planned changes from surgery.

Computer digital imaging to paln cosmetic plastic surgery to the nose, face, and chin

These computer images above were done before cosmetic rhinoplasty to plan to change the very wide tip on the left image to one of the two possibilities on the right. The patient chose the central image and that became the plan for the surgery.

Dr. Gallico has developed his own particular computer visualizing system which capitalizes on his training in art school to provide as realistic an understanding of the possible changes which can be achieved by rhinoplasty (nose job).

Dr. Gallico is one of only a few plastic surgeons in Boston offering computer visualization to help the patient plan the outcome of plastic surgery. . He has lectured at national meetings on computer graphics, and his contributions to the field have been featured in Boston Magazine, CBS, and NBC.


Computer Digital Imaging for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Chin Implant

This is the computer digital simulation of the front view done by Dr. Gallico before surgery with the original view on the left and the possible changes from narrowing the nose in the center and adding narrowing of the nostrils on the left. The digital computer simulation is done by Dr. Gallico with the patient present so that they can see what may be a final appearance and pick the style they want. The computer pictures also help Dr. Gallico know what particular changes the patient might want from the surgery so enough, but not too much surgery is done.

Computer Digital Imaging for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Chin Implant

And these pictures show the actual surgical result in the same patient before surgery (on the left) and after surgery (on the right). Dr. Gallico has attempted to tailor the result of the rhinoplasty to the appearance the patient chose at the preoperative digital computer simulation. Arguably, the final result of the rhinoplasty on the right is better than the images planned and predicted by the computer digital simulation.

Computer Digital Imaging for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Chin Implant

This is the digital computer simulation of possible outcomes of the rhinoplasty (nose job) seen from the side and done by Dr. Gallico with the patient so they can decide the type of changes to the nose they might prefer. The original nose is seen on the left with the possible appearance of the nose if the 'bump' is removed leaving the side view with a straight line or with a slight curve. The patient preferred the far right image and that decision provided Dr. Gallico with a plan of what to try to achieve in the rhinoplasty (nose job).

Computer Digital Imaging for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Chin Implant

And these pictures show the same patient before the surgery (on the left) and after the surgery (on the right). The 'bump' has been removed leaving a slight curved contour to the dorsum of the nose. The nose tip has been made less prominent, and the curved portion of the nose under the nostrils (the columella) has been lifted slightly without raising the tip of the nose to be sure the nostrils are not more visible or turned up. Again, the actual result of the surgery is consistent with the plan established on the digital computer simulation and actually appears better than that predicted on the computer simulation.

Computer imaging is best applied for nose, chin, and neck surgery. As a potential patient for these types of surgery you should be sure that your surgeon provides you with a computer projection of the anticipated appearance. If your surgeon does not offer computer digital imaging, how will you decide what you want to look like after surgery? You do not want to undergo surgery without some idea of what you will look like afterward. Obviously, the final surgical result may differ from the images shown, but the computer is the best way to plan for the surgical result the patient wishes. The computer helps in visualizing the changes that might be obtained.


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