Boston Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation with Dr. Gregory Gallico

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Dr. Gallico has performed breast augmentation since 1974. This long experience with breast surgery allows him to provide surgical results according to the woman's desires. The choice of breast implant size and shape, position of incisions, type of breast implant, and nature of anesthesia will be yours, the patient.

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Case 3 A 29 year old woman underwent breast implant augmentation with saline filled 400 cc implants placed through a nipple periareolar incision into a submuscular subpectoral position.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants in Boston

Dr. Gallico performs the surgery under general or twilight anesthesia (the patient will choose the anesthesia type she prefers) in a hospital operating room for optimal safety (not in a less safe office setting). The surgery will be completely planned in the office in advance where you will be able to try different implant sizes in the bra of your choice so that the size will be determined by you.

Breast Implant enlargement augmentation through nipple periareolar incisioins

Case 3 A 32 year old woman underwent breast implant augmentation with saline filled 360 cc hemispheric implants placed through a nipple periareolar incision into a submuscular subpectoral position.


Dr. Gallico will discuss with you in the office prior to surgery the relative merits of saline versus silicone breast implants so you can decide which you prefer. Dr. Gallico will place the implants you choose - either saline (salt water filled), silicone Silastic, or 'gummy bear' silicone implants. Each type of implant has its advantages which make it the right choice for you. He will help you decide whether you prefer a nipple periareolar incision, a breast crease incision, or an armpit axillary incision. Each incision has advantages which may make it right for you.

Nipple aeriareolar incisions for Boston breast implants

These photos demonstrate the nipple periareolar scar which heals very well, is barely visible, is only seen on the exposed breast, has the least likelihood of causing loss of nipple sensation, and will not interfere with breast feeding. The incision under the breast crease heals less well and the armpit axillary incision will be visible at all times that the arm is raised (e.g. at the beach) 'giving away' that breast implants are present.

You will choose the size implant that you want in a separate office visit devoted to trying implants and bras of different sizes to find out what shape and figure you want. You will bring in a bra of the size you want to be and try on graded sizes of implants to find out what looks right to you. Dr. Gallico will help you understand in advance the size and shape of breast you desire.

Breast augmentation nipple scar

Another example of the nipple periareolar incision for breast implant augmentation. The scar line from the incision is hidden on the lower part of the nipple and is much less noticeable than a scar on the skin of the crease under the breast or a scar in the axilla which can be seen by everyone.

Your gel implants are Memory gel.  All gel implants in the U.S. are
cohesive. There are four different levels of cohesive product ranging
from #4 (the most and stiffest) through #1 (the least and softest).
Only cohesive level #1 is available in the U.S.

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