Dr. G. Gregory Gallico Breast Reduction for Large Prominent Saggy Oversize Breasts

Breast Reduction for Large, Sagging, or Pendulous Breasts

Very large or sagging breasts can be lifted and reduced or made smaller by Breast Reduction surgery. Dr. Gallico will assess your breasts before surgery and discuss with you the size and elevation or lift you prefer.

Breast Reduction for Large Prominent oversized Saggy  Breasts

Case 1. This 38 year old woman desired reduction of her very large, asymmetric breasts (DD cup) which caused neck and back pain and bra strap grooving of her shoulders. Her breasts were reduced in all dimensions including nipple diameter and made more similar and symmetric to each other in size.

Dr. Gallico will carefully measure your breasts before surgery so that they can be made smaller as close as possible to the size you want and to the decrease in size which is possible. Usually, the breasts can be made one-third to one-half smaller in size and the nipples elevated to 'looking' straight ahead.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in the Massachusetts General Hospital or the The Boston Center for Ambulatory Surgery. You, the patient, will usually stay overnight and go home the next day.

The surgery may or may not be covered completely or partially by your medical insurance. Dr. Gallico will write your insurance company in advance to obtain prior approval for insurance coverage. The approval depends on breast size and amount of breast to be removed in relation to body height and weight. Each insurance company has different criteria for approving coverage.

Most patients recuperate very quickly and may be able to return to normal work schedules after one week or two. Athletics are usually possible after three weeks.



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