Calf Implants to Small Deficient Lower Leg Muscles Dr. G. Gregory Gallico

Calf Implants For Small Lower Leg Muscle Size and Deficiency

There are three muscles on the back of the lower leg, the calf. These are the muscles that are used in rising up on the toes. In some people these muscles are disproportionally smaller than the thigh muscles or the rest of the body. Sometimes one or both legs have developed less well than the thighs because of previous disease. This lower leg muscular deficiency can be improved with calf implants. The implants are inserted through an incision in the back of the knee in an operating room under light anesthesia for sterility, safety, and comfort. The patient can usually go home with assistance after surgery. The calves will be sore after the surgery, and walking will require assistance. However, you will be able to see the improvement in the calf size right away. And recuperation may be complete by two to three weeks after the surgery. The size change will be permanent. Dr. Gallico is one of few Plastic Surgeons performing this operation. Click on the text below to see examples of Dr. Gallico's Calf Implant patients.

Calf Implants for small deficient lower leg calf muscles

Case 1. A 35 year old man, who was very physically fit from lifting weights, requested calf implant augmentation to balance his lower legs with his very muscular upper body and thighs and is shown here before and after surgery.



Calf implants for small lower leg calf muscle deficiency

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