Financing Borrowing Payment Plan Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Financing Borrowing and Payment Plans for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Plastic surgery is usually not covered by medical insurance. But there are loans and financing available for cosmetic plastic surgery.

For all surgery there are fees for surgery, anesthesia, hospital and OR, Nurses, medications, implants, etc.

At the time of your initial consultation with Dr. Gallico you will receive a precise estimate of all of these costs. He will do his best to tell you all the charges so that there will be no extras after the surgery. And he will be able to direct you to loans and financing available for cosmetic plastic surgery

All plastic surgeons normally request payment in full prior to cosmetic plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon may not legally establish a payment plan to accept payment over time since that would effectively be a 'lending agency'.

However, there are several ways to pay for your plastic surgery over time.

1. You can pay with credit cards and pay back over time which is like a loan or financing agreement. .

2. You can get a new credit card with 0% APR and pay back your balance before the carrying charges occur. Again like a loan or financing agreement

3. You can apply for a loan from a Surgery Loan Financing Company at the web sites listed below. Several of these companies have provided loans or financing to patients of mine over the last five years, and the patients have been happy with all the companies (i.e. I've had no complaints about any of the patients or the companies). Our office will help direct you to ways to finance your cosmetic plastic surgery through obtaining loans or financing. [Dr. Gallico does not have any special financial relationship with any of these companies, nor can he be responsible for their or your decisions or acts.]


Surgery Loan Financing Companies: Contact them at the web sites or telephone numbers below...


SurgeryLoans. com (888-502-8020) https://www.surgeryloans.com/

MyMedicalLoan.com (877-788-0711) https://www.mymedicalloan.com/

CareCredit.com (800-365-8295) https://www.carecredit.com/

Cosmeticredit.com (888-444-1025) https://cosmeticredit.com/


RelianceMedicalFinance.com (800-322-6377)



MedProva.com (888-444-0016)



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